Jun 27, 2024

SigenStack: Sigenergy's Cutting-Edge Energy Storage Solution for C&I

Sigenergy launched its new energy storage solution for the commercial and industrial (C&I) segment: SigenStack. Building on the SigenStor design concept, SigenStack is tailored for larger C&I projects, combining a hybrid inverter and battery pack BAT 11.0. The inverter series offers a range of power options, including 50kW, 60kW, 80kW, 100kW, and 110kW, all designed for seamless battery integration. Notably, it features the smallest and most compact 110kW hybrid inverter, facilitating easy transportation and installation.

SigenStack embodies Sigenergy's commitment to modular design, accommodating the installation of 4-7 batteries in a single stack. By connecting multiple stacks, a single inverter can support up to 21 battery modules. This flexible design facilitates multi-megawatt projects by enabling the connection of multiple inverters and energy storage systems.

Key Advantages of SigenStack:
Comprehensive Safety: SigenStack is equipped with an advanced six-layer battery protection system, including temperature sensors, internal fire extinguishers, aerogel-insulated pads, decompression valves, high-temperature-resistant insulated pads, and smoke detectors. This makes it the safest energy storage product in the industry, offering comprehensive protection for users. Additionally, it features the fastest anti-backflow protection and the most advanced intelligent arc fault detection (AFCI) capability in the industry, with a detection range of up to 500 meters.

Flexible Configuration: The DC-coupled architecture includes pre-reserved energy storage interfaces, making it suitable for various scenarios such as pure solar, pure storage, and solar-storage hybrid setups. Its fully modular design allows for precise customization based on user needs and facilitates future expansion. Unlike other storage solutions with fixed cabinet capacities of 100kWh or 200kWh, which can lead to overprovisioning and increased costs, Sigenergy's system offers unparalleled adaptability.

Simplicity and Efficiency: SigenStack’s modular design and stackable installation, coupled with a built-in EMS, eliminate the need for a data logger, simplifying installation and commissioning while saving time and costs. It is the first system in the world to introduce fully networked communication technology, achieving over ten times faster communication rates and response speeds. With an IP66 system protection rating, it withstands harsh weather conditions and is suitable for outdoor installation. Once installed, the system requires no on-site maintenance and is fully manageable remotely. Algorithm optimization enables innovative full-system phase sequence self-adaptation, further simplifying commissioning.

Intelligent Operation and Maintenance (O&M): The system offers worry-free O&M, requiring minimal manpower and resources, with modular spare parts for easy replacement. Sigenergy's advanced cloud-edge-end architecture acts as the central hub, ensuring faster and more timely customer responses. As the first energy company to integrate a large language model, Sigenergy’s intelligent assistant provides personalized energy optimization and management, offering round-the-clock service, timely responses, cost savings, and increased revenue.

Sigenergy also showcased its SigenStor at this year’s Intersolar. SigenStor is the world's first 5-in-1 energy storage system, integrating a solar inverter, PCS, EMS, EVDC charging module, and battery pack. It is compatible with both residential and commercial & industrial (C&I) projects. Featuring a modular design, SigenStor offers 5kWh or 8kWh batteries for stacking, providing up to 48kWh of storage capacity per system. The SigenStor single-phase system (5 kW/6 kW) has successfully obtained Clean Energy Council (CEC) listing in Australia.

For residential use, SigenStor is V2X ready. With NIO electric vehicles, it supports bidirectional charging and discharging across China. Sigenergy is currently collaborating with other car brands to test V2X capabilities. It also supports dynamic electricity tariffs and VPP services, now available in more than 13 countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Germany.

For C&I applications, up to 20 SigenStor units can be connected in parallel, offering up to 960kWh of battery capacity. SigenStor has been successfully applied in various global projects, demonstrating its advantages in settings such as wineries, workshops, nursing homes, and warehouses.