Mar 07, 2024

Sigenergy and Evergen Unite to Drive the Future of Energy in Australia

In a significant move for the renewable energy sector, Sigenergy is proud to announce a landmark strategic partnership with Evergen, a leading software provider dedicated to maximising the benefits of renewable energy technologies for consumers.

This collaboration comes at a critical time as the integration of renewable energy into grids presents new challenges, such as imbalances in electricity supply and demand, alongside issues of grid stability. Addressing these challenges head-on, Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) and behind the meter opportunities emerge as sophisticated solutions, harmonising resources such as solar generation and distributed storage into collectively, manageable units for enhanced grid scheduling and market engagement.

Evergen, recognised as one of Australia's premier VPP software service providers, embarks on a mission to expedite the phasing out of conventional generation assets by orchestrating more than 10GW of Distributed Energy Resources globally. With advanced software solutions and exceptional service, Evergen has successfully partnered with numerous Australian electricity retailers, facilitating a dynamic shift from a centralised energy system to a more decentralised energy landscape. This innovation enables a bi-directional flow within the grid, marking a pivotal step towards energy sustainability and independence.

Sigenergy, a leading energy innovator, introduces SigenStor, a pioneering 5-in-1 energy storage system that sets a new standard in the industry. By combining a PV Inverter, EV DC Charger, Battery PCS, Battery Pack, and EMS into one comprehensive solution. Engineered for both residential and commercial use, it is designed to accommodate projects scaling up to several megawatts, showcasing its remarkable capacity for adaptation and growth.

In a remarkable feat of efficiency and technical prowess, Sigenergy completed its integration with Evergen in just four weeks, setting a record for the fastest integration by any OEM to date. This achievement not only underscores the Sigenergy team's capability but also highlights the platform's flexibility. The collaboration between Sigenergy and Evergen marks a pivotal advancement towards enhancing the Australian energy sector's sustainability and resilience, paving the way for a future that is cleaner and brighter for everyone.

Dr. Sunny Ye, Director of Product Management at Sigenergy, commented, "VPP represents an optimal strategy for DER aggregation, opening up new revenue streams for homeowners while boosting grid flexibility. Sigenergy looks forward to the promising outcomes of this innovative partnership."


About Evergen

Evergen provides software platforms that enables digital optimisation of the energy supply chain, maximising the benefit from deployment of renewable technologies. These include utility-scale generation and storage assets, C&I sites, homes and businesses with solar and storage, and lots of other devices. Our systems are used by OEMs, installers, electricity retailers, networks, asset owners & operators, and consumers to ensure optimum function of their assets.Our mission is to orchestrate >10GW of distributed energy assets across the globe.
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